Here are several tips to take your business to the next level:

Focus on these three fundamentals

Quality products, great imagery and good shop navigation are key to any successful online store.

Optimize your design

Create a simple, clean and professional look that will be pleasing to your customers. This will make shopping with you an easy and pleasant experience and gain you return customers.

Bring your products to life

Well photographed images of your product make a huge impact on potential customers. Provide images that allow them to ‘experience’ your product online.

Build relationships with influencers

If you’ve got a niche product, don’t be afraid to reach out to the community of bloggers that suit your product. Offer them samples. They’ll get you free publicity, and their word will be a lot stronger with their readers than your own words ever will be.

Ask for honest feedback

Find a group of people who are going to tell you the truth. Are your products priced too high? Are they appealing and would they purchase from you?

Connect with your customers

Build a community around your products. Offer specials to returning customers. Engage them by creating an online contest. Make your sales about creating new relationships, not just making money or getting rid of extra inventory.

Sell everywhere

Don’t get bogged down in social media ... go out and talk to real people too. Strike up conversations while standing in line. Talk to those you see often like your bank teller, convenient store clerk, etc. Pass out your business cards.

Making buying from your store easy

Streamline the purchasing process. Eliminate the barriers to entry and customer doubt.

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